Dark Void


Fire shots and pursue others in this science fiction adventure


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Dark Void is a third-person action game with a pretty interesting detail: for almost the entire game, the character has a jetpack on his back with which he can fly.

The story of the game begins a little before the explosion of World War II when the main character, Will, becomes stranded in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. There, he discovers all kinds of extraterrestrial beings that are waiting for the perfect moment to take over the world.

The gameplay of Dark Void is divided into two very different segments: in one part, you have to shoot in a way that's pretty similar to the game Gears of War; and in the other part, you fly at full speed with your jetpack as you fight against enemies.

The technical aspect of the game is worth mentioning, with excellent and high-quality graphics that will blow you away. The game also has a great soundtrack composed by Bear McCreary.

Dark Void is a noteworthy game. Some parts are lots of fun and others not so much, but it has a story and an environment that are plenty enjoyable regardless.

The trial version only lets you play the first part.

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